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This is so adorable!! I'm sure it's going to get updated more and stuff, but I wanted to point out that a) the last two bangs options don't show up on the chibi, b) the little black bralette thing is kinda useless, since it's a very very simplified body I doubt there would be any issue with simply leaving it uncovered, and it doesn't seem to disappear when you put on a top either, so it just looks odd peeking out from underneath the clothing, and c) this isn't quite a mistake, but I'm wondering if in fullscreen mode it'd be possible to make the category icons smaller and enlarge the space where the options are shown, so less scrolling is necessary? I feel like that'd be helpful! If you do plan on adding more to it, a few more colour options would be nice, like a pink or darker blue, but it's alright if not.

You might've already noticed these things, but I wanted to point them out in case you haven't! I hope this doesn't come off as mean, I already like this game and think it's a cute and fun little project. Good luck!! 

Thanks so much for playing and giving me this helpful feedback! I updated the game keeping your comments in mind. C:

Have a nice day!