Firefly follows  Abby on her adventure to gather fireflies in order to guide spirits and people through the night.

art by lurkinmcclerkin

programming by chaitae


Fixed wall so people don't go sneaking out of our level!

Fixed collision to pick up and drop fireflies


jkl to place and remove fireflies from lamps

spacebar to pick up fireflies

e to talk to people

Made withUnity


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Music is good. Art is good. Colliders are not good.


The art is great, and I like the camera view, but in ways this made it quite hard to navigate, such as it seemed to take me ages to get in the right position to place/pick up the fairies. It's quite good though!

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I made the game in a 3d environment and used 2d sprites with a camera facing a fixed direction so you don't see the paperthin side of the sprite.

Does that mean that for you to place/take the fairy from the 'pots' (or whatever they were) that you had to be in direct contact with the sprite thickness? Because if that's the case I would make the trigger area bigger than the sprite itself so the game can play a bit better

Naw, I made the trigger area bigger. I'll probably expand it anyway though because there are some complaints about the collisions not respond well.


I love the art, music, and overall atmosphere. There were a few issues like the z-order, colliders, fireflies not corresponding to their correct color, and other minor things that can be easily addressed. Additionally, using three different buttons to deposit fireflies of various colors into their corresponding containers seems too clunky. Since there are never any situations where more than one container is extremely close to another one, I would suggest changing [spacebar] to both a collect and deposit button. 

All things considered, it was a charming little game that I enjoyed. Keep it up!